Services & Products

Heirs Etiquette & Leadership Academy is a leading business etiquette and protocol company, offering instruction of the highest quality to high school students, college students, student-athletes, new employees, and individuals wishing to enchance their professional and social image.

We offer five (5) programs  - Business Dining Etiquette Training; Teen Leadership Course; "Tea-Time" Etiquette Workshops; Prom 101; and Student-Athlete Etiquette Classes.  Each program is customized to meet your individual needs, empower students with business savvy and dining wisdom to outshine the competition, and financial finesse to increase their bottom-line profits.

Through encouraging leadership training and interactive step-by-step social dining programs, students obtain life skills - a solid base of information and etiquette techniques.  Using a team-based approach, interactive and entertaining exercises, combined with the latest up-to-date researched information, students develop skills to handle various situations faced at school, in the workplace, or in everyday life.