About Us

The Heirs Etiquette and Leadership Academy transforms the lives of young people through etiquette and leadership training preparing them for growth and success.  Our exciting and comprehensive programs reflects the current growing emphasis on social and emotional learning, self-confidence, and character in today’s youth as they become tomorrow’s strong and committed global Leaders of Excellence!

We use programs with proven effectiveness, based upon current and relevant etiquette trainings that upholds the universal tradition of good manners.  Our programs works equally well in formal and casual environments, in urban, suburban and rural communities. The programs are flexible and effective whether we teach it in your home, at local schools, recreation centers, or business offices. Be it at school, interviewing for a job, workplace achievemnt, or preparing for life on or off the field/court Heirs Etiquette and Leadership Academy  - Transforms Youth into Leaders of Excellence!


Carma Griffin, the founder and owner of Heirs Etiquette and Leadership Academy is a leader of change, specializing in business and social etiquette training, preparing students for a lifetime of success.  She is a goal-oriented person with a passion for encouraging and inspiring a new generation of potential leaders - high school students, college students, and student-athletes to develop, improve, and enhance their professional skills and cultivate effective leadership skills.

With an extensive background in Corporate and Nonprofit industries, Carma has professional experience in areas of Accounting, Office Management, and Investments.  She has earned BS degrees in Accounting and Christian Leadership and currently pursuing an Organizational Leadership Master's degree.  Her work in several volunteer positions with youth-focused organizations, inspired her to create Heirs Etiquette and Leadership Academy.

Trained and certified by leading Etiquette Institutions, Carma is passionate about and dedicated to providing quality and professional training to all students.  Her vibrant personality, engaging style, and practical down to earth approach - invities audience interaction, as she gives practical tips benefiting future leaders of tomorrow as they continue their educational journey!